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Why isn't post engagement everything? - Keller


Why isn’t post engagement everything?

Let’s face it. You upload a photo and the majority of the time you are hoping see those orange notification symbols clarifying that your post is being well received from your audience!

However is engagement actually the most important metric to help you identify and understand if you are genuinely obtaining leads and driving sales from social media….?

Firstly, what is post engagement? This is identified as your audience (followers) interacting with your posts, mainly through liking and commenting on your posts.

It’s natural to think that getting more likes on your post than a photo of Zac Efron shirtless means that you are supplying good quality content to your audience!

But is it the most important metric to analyse when it comes to your social media lead generation ability?

When using social media to generate leads and sales, there are more important insights to understand and analyse! Let me explain. Social media can be a great tool to drive traffic and to guide your audience through a sales funnel or through the purchase process.

This means that tracking where your audience is directed from your posts is vital in understanding if your posts are actually providing leads. Is your audience visiting your profile from your post? Are they clicking through to your website from your post? Are they saving your post or sharing it via direct messages?

Are they doing what you ultimately want them to do?

If you can direct your traffic where you want them to go, then you are well on your way to cracking the code of lead generation quicker than you can crack an egg!

Keller hint: If you know you can create a better connection with your customers or you can obtain customer information through your website, then try and direct your audience from social media to your website!

Hit em’ up with a post that teases them about something really interesting and valuable on your website! Don’t give away the punch line on the social media post, make your audience go to your website to find out the punch line and let your audience know the easiest way to your website (e.g. via the link in bio).

Let’s give you some food for thought…

Would you rather your post receive 100 likes and 1 person go to a location where they have a high chance at turning into a genuine lead?

Or would you rather 10 likes and 10 people to go to a location where they have a high chance at turning into a genuine lead?

Don’t get me wrong, high engagement levels usually do mean you are providing good content that your audience approves! But it is very important to understand all of the insights available and which metrics are most in line with your goals. I’m not saying that you need to aim to direct your traffic with every single post you do… after all social media is for socialising!

It is all about providing the right balance that results in solid engagement levels and high click-through rates!

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