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Why is it so important to make relatable content? - Keller


Why is it so important to make relatable content?

Humanise your content.

What does that mean? Well, create your content in a way that is easily understood and familiar with YOUR target audience.

How do I do this? Easy, well somewhat. Know who you’re talking to and find out their interests, their differences and their culture.

Memes have taken over the internet in recent years and have become a quick and easy solution for many companies to push their relatability onto you. Have you ever seen a meme, and then two days later seen the same meme posted by a company with their unique take on it?

This happens ALL THE TIME.

And, for good reason. It’s much easier to repurpose something that is already well known and put your own spin on it. Plus, it normally gains great online traction with your community due to its humour and relatability.

However, with so many companies using this technique, it’s even more important to be creative and relatable in this space. If not, your content will get lost in the sauce.

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