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3 Aspects to Amazing Websites for Tradies | Keller


Websites Development

Your website, your brands personality.

Your website,
your brands personality.

Websites for Trades must do three things:

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1. Showcase your work

2. Make you look unreal at what you do

3. Convert.

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Without these 3 things a Website for Trades is a waste of space.

Websites we've built, that have all 3 needs:

Hylton Constructions - High End Website

Boutique Home Builder selling to the Preston, Victoria Market and surrounding Suburbs.

Eastern Landscapes - Mid Range Website

Landscaper attempting to move to the big leagues!

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Aurora Skylights - Entry Level Website

New Skylight Business

Websites for Tradies as mentioned above need to have three key features:

1 showcase your work,
2 make you look bloody awesome at what you do,
3 convert.
So how do we do we fulfil these 3 aspects on a website?

1. Showcase your work

Arguably the most important feature of any Tradie website.

Without showcasing your work how is your audience supposed to know what you do? Showcasing work needs to be done in a particular way though.

It must make you look unbelievably good. A whole lot better than your competition.

The key to making yourself look better than the competition is taking great photos and videos of every job. Not just at the end, however you need to display your jobs you’ve completed at the start, middle & end.

The more content you have the more likely your website is going to be successful.
We recommend documenting each and every project you do in the following way:

At the start, middle & finish of every project:
By documenting each and every job this way you can add plenty of content to your website and provide a really robust picture on who you are when someone goes to look at your website. A website is all about developing trust and the best way to do that is to showcase your business as much as possible.

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2. Make you look bloody good at what you do

Looking great at what you do lies in three aspects. 1, The Content On Your Website, 2, The Aesthetics & 3, The Communication.

Firstly we have covered the content on your website in the section above "1. Showcase your work" so now we need to cover The Aesthetics & Communication.

Firstly we have covered the content on your website in the section above “1. Showcase your work” so now we need to cover The Aesthetics & Communication.

The first step of making your website look good is assuring that the website looks consistent with your social media. Logos, name of the company, colours and contact information must all be the exact same. Both must show a mix of team photos and the work you have completed and making sure that all the jobs featured on your website are featured on your social media and visa versa is absolutely essential.

With consistency completed next is organising your content graphically in a way that looks brilliant and most importantly easy to consume.

Your readers should only have to put in little effort to understand who you are. The harder it is for them to understand, the more likely they will jump off your site and look at your competitors.

A mix of ease to understand someone and great content always wins the client.

3. Convert

Websites for Tradies in the end must do one thing, convert.

Its is very hard to develop a converting website without the above two aspects 1, showcasing your work and 2, making you look bloody good at what you do. Using these aspects we develop Websites for Tradies by using the following methods:

  1. Regular prompts to enquire
  2. Simple communication
  3. Value based marketing
  4. Developing authority
  5. Location based pages

Brands we've worked with!

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