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The key to an iconic brand is consistency. Yes we know that doesn’t sound iconic at all but you can’t be recognised unless you are. This means consistency across all customer touch points AND also matching your brand to your businesses personality.

Your logo, your colours, your website etc all need to live and breathe your business. If you’re a creative business represent creativity, if you’re a highly professional business your branding needs to represent professionalism, boutique business, develop a boutique brand and logo.


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Your website:

The centre of your businesses digital ecosystem.

Branding is the your colours, logo and the feel these emit in relation to your business. Your website is the best place for people to find out about who your business is and it needs to continue the consistency your brand has with your business. 

The example on the left is from a builder who wants to build luxury boutique homes. Hylton’s original colour was yellow, to remain consistent we have used it throughout the website. The logo was changed to being black with a white background and long with the logo we’ve used black and white photos to represent a premium brand.

Social Media:

Your social media is vital to your success.

The best way to find success through social media is to be highly consistent and high quality. Social media is one of consumers first touch points and they are judging your businesses quality based on your social media as soon as they look at it. If your social media looks great then that’s a huge win for you, if it doesn’t, they may be visiting a competitor instead…

Face to face

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Your brand doesn’t just stop at your logo or website. Every word you say to clients, every email, every form they fill out, every single step along the way with a client is your brand. You can have amazing quality of work along with a great website and social media however it is your customers experience with you that decides whether or not they keep coming back or refer you to someone else. 

Put the steps in place to guarantee that your consumers are having the best experience possible. Your businesses ultimate customer experience is a system full of processes that guarantee a successful relationship with every customer.

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