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KellerHub - Amazing Marketing for Tradies


The KellerHub

Marketing for tradies. Designed for tradies.

The KellerHub Revolutionises Your Business


Brand Development

Social Media Management

Custom Photo & Video Content

Website Development

Lead Generation & Development

Some of the brands using the KellerHub!

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How does it work?

The Keller Hub is a successful Marketing for Tradies service that provides businesses the most cost effective marketing strategy for Tradies we've seen to date. It's all about brand development.

The KellerHub has revolutionised Marketing for Tradies. It is designed to make Tradie Marketing easy and effective by providing a hub for all of your Tradie Social Media Marketing needs as well as other Tradie Digital Marketing needs such as high website ranking, digital brand management and lead management.

Social media management for tradies.

The KellerHub provides businesses with a personalised service that assists with developing a professional and attractive brand through Social Media.

How we develop your Social Media:

  • Keller Posting for you
  • Growing your following
  • Professional content schedule

"Social Media enhances your word of mouth to a whole new level."

- Jordan Hendey, Co-Founder, Keller

Custom photo and video content.

The KellerHub provides businesses with a personalised service that helps with developing a professional and attractive brand through social media. We will assist you in creating content by developing videos & photos for you from scratch or we have the option of the Creator Factory where we develop videos in collaboration with you. You take the video and we edit it professionally for you. We have found this has revolutionised the video world, with our tutorials everyone can be a professional videographer and photographer.

Click here to find out more about the CreatorFactory.


Your website is the original centrepiece of your digital brand. Social Media has stolen a bit of the lime light in recent times however it is still an absolute must to have a really good website. For some it is still the first place they will look when they hear about your company. For those who find you through social media if they’re interested they will look at your website to find out more information. The key to any website is building trust and an understanding of who you are before someone has ever met you.‚Äč

Break Through the clouds
with The KellerHub
Digital Marketing for Tradies

Social Media is the bare minimum every business needs to have. However to have a successful business you need a well rounded marketing approach that looks at your brand overall, how to develop and maintain leads and also creating an eye catching lead converting website.

Digital Brand Management
Think of the digital brand checklist below and assess how your brand currently looks on each.
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. LinkedIn
4. Your Website
5. Google My Business

After looking at the list how does your brand represent itself on each of these platforms?
There may be a lot of people on Facebook and Instagram, however every single client you have is different and every single client you have has different interests, goals and personalities so you can’t always assume they will be on platform.
Because of this, it is important to make sure every single potentIal touchpoint is representing your business in the best way possible.

View Keller's Examples by clicking below:

Lead generation

Getting leads is hard as it is.. so maintaining and nurturing those leads you already have is absolutely essential. We help you at both ends ensuring you get the best opportunities from your investment.

We help you develop a great lead generation structure through using Marketing Funnels for Tradies that nurtures potential leads and increases your chances of getting that lead.

Once you have that lead the most important thing to do is not lose it. If the lead is through word of mouth or digital the process needs to be the same and all leads need to be recorded. Using specially developed Customer Resource Management Software we assist you to make sure your leads are nurtured in the best way possible.

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