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How do you make money through social media? - Keller


How do you make money through social media?

Thinking about making money from your social media footprint or website traffic? Good. But before you do, you need one key ingredient.

An audience.

Simple, yet time consuming and competitive to attain. You need to build trust within your audience, evoke emotion, debate and have content worth sharing. Once you ticks those boxes, a digital community will start to unfold in front of your eyes. This comes with time, creativity and a lot of planning! Don’t have the mindset that you will build a community overnight. Patience is key.

Pay attention to the customers that are visiting your website and following your social media accounts, who are they? Optimise your content to fit the target market that is developing in front of you.

Okay, so you’ve managed to build a community bigger than your local pub regulars on a Saturday night, well done! Now, time to make some money.

Drive customers to your sales funnel, with fresh and exciting content that is relevant to their needs and wants. Nail this, and you’ll be swimming in sales.

Then, go and buy that 120ft yacht you’ve always wanted.

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