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How Can You Build And Grow Your Facebook Page Following? (Part 2) - Keller


How Can You Build And Grow Your Facebook Page Following? (Part 2)

Congratulations, you just made it to the second portion of this 2-part series! If you’re here, then it means you’ve done everything listed on part 1 and now you’re ready for more. Don’t worry, here are a few more ideas on how you can build and grow your Facebook page following!

1. By Sharing User-Generated Content From Your Existing Fans and Followers

If you want to give your fans and followers a fresh take on your brand while building a stronger relationship with your existing customers and leads, then the best way is to share user-generated content.

When the average person recommends your product or brand, trust can be built around it. Testimonials about your brand from people your market can relate to is effective to be used as content because you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone:

a. you get to build a relationship with the user that posted the content
b. you get to show followers there are others who think that your company is great.

2. By Creating A “Tag-A-Friend” Content

Ever wonder why often times you’ll see that social media users will tag their friends in the comments of posts that they think their friends will enjoy? Bet you didn’t know you can take advantage of that by posting relatable content and inviting users to tag a friend that they think will enjoy or relate to!

3. By Giving Your Audience An Insider Look At Your Company

Let’s face it, people today enjoy finding out what happens behind-the-scenes! So why not share how your company works? By doing so you’ll be showing your audience how hard working your company is at providing quality products and services while building a stronger relationship with your consumers.

4. By Jumping On Trending Topics

While I’d trust going on Twitter to see what’s trending, (they removed trending topics panel for Facebook a few years ago), the topics still crossover to Facebook and its network so might as join the bandwagon and strike while it’s hot!

But do note that there are a two things you should consider before jumping on the latest trend:

  • First, make sure that you understand what the trend is and why people are using a certain hashtag
  • Second, make sure that it’s relevant to your brand or your product or service offering

If you have something valuable to add to the conversation, you can take advantage of the topic’s trending to gain a new audience for your content.

While there are a few more ways to increase your business page’s growth and engagement, I won’t bore you with a ‘part 3’.

I’d suggest to keep your eyes peeled, check out your competitor’s page and see what they’re doing, tweak it a bit and keep your page on brand, and try new things. Just keep in mind that the more active you are online, the better chances you get awesome results!

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