5 Remarkable Reasons Why You Need Video! (2019)

Okay, it’s 2019 and just about everyone has heard that video is ‘king’ and one of the most important tools for you marketing…

But why is it actually so important & beneficial?! What is the evidence?

Adding a product or explainer video to a landing page/website can boost conversions by 80% and significantly reduce bounce rates (when someone leaves your website almost instantly).

Not only this, but 83% businesses state that they are very satisfied with the return on investment that video is bringing them!

Okay, let’s slow down though.. these are some pretty crazy numbers and sure these stats are nice to hear… but how is it possible that video is such a dominant force when it comes to marketing?

Good news! We have compiled a list that explains it all for you!

1. People prefer to watch video (especially lazy customers).

Most of us live busy lives and are looking to obtain information pretty quickly without having to concentrate all that much. So it’s no wonder that 7 in 10 people prefer to learn about a product or service via a short video. This is especially relevant on social media! Let’s face it, we are all in ‘Bali mode’ when scrolling on social media so video content is more appealing and relaxing to your audience.

2. Video builds trust!

Trust is one of the most important tools when it comes to attracting buyers and facilitating sales. People are much more willing to spend their precious pennies on something or someone that they genuinely have a relationship with

Let’s face it, unfortunately there are some people out there who may not have your best interests at heart and will take you for a ride. Consequently, this makes people reserved and skeptical when it comes to the purchasing process!

Video can be a great tool to overcome this barrier and establish a high level of credibility and trust with your target audience! Video enables the viewers to:

  • Meet the people within the business & build a relationship with them.
  • See the authenticity of the business and the individuals who they may be engaging with.
  • Understand the credibility of the business.

57% of consumers say that videos give them more confidence to purchase from the business!

3. Video marketing can explain everything in simple terms.

Keep it simple stupid, keep it stupidly simple.

We love to consume things visually and naturally this helps us understand the message clearer! 94% of consumers stated that videos have helped them understand the product or service of a business! And what happens when you understand the product or service clearer?

Yep! You guessed it! Higher conversion rates!

4. Google loves video!

The cycle that keeps on giving! Videos appeal to more internet browsers and encourage your audience to stay on your website for a longer period of time.

So… what does this mean?

Google will actually rank your website higher when more people visit your website and the longer they stay on it for. This means that video content can dramatically increase your SEO performance.

According to Moovly, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded into your website!

5. Videos are more memorable!

Your viewers are 95% more likely to retain information that is consumed from a video… yes you read that right!

“95% more likely to retain information from a video”

This means that videos are a great opportunity for you to plant a seed to your audience! For example, provide your audience with a valuable piece of information via a video and your audience will remember not only your brand, but they will remember your brand as knowledgable and credible!

Even if your audience is not ready to buy at that specific moment, when the time comes that they are ready to buy, your business will definitely be one of the first candidates that pops into mind because of that glorious seed you planted!

Okay so now it seems pretty clear that video is definitely important and valuable for businesses… but isn’t it really expensive?

Yes video content CAN be expensive, but we are living in 2019 where creating video is now more accessible and easier than ever! Your smartphone is most likely capable of capturing HD quality footage and there are plenty of apps that make editing easier than ever like Adobe Rush, Splice and iMovie!

However, if you are looking for that professional touch, Keller provides professional videos starting from only $100!

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