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4 Reasons Why Blogging Could Be Your Life Saver - Keller


4 Reasons Why Blogging Could Be Your Life Saver

The digital age. The technological age. The google age. Call it whatever you want – the truth is, the very nature in which businesses operate and market has dramatically changed in recent times.

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital age. Whilst having a website and a social media presence is good, the competitive global economy demands that businesses go just that little bit further and add that extra weet-bix into their breaky bowl.

But my breaky bowl is full?

Good news for ya skip…. Blogging!

Think of blogging as the milk to your weet-bix!

Blogging is an inexpensive tool that can be one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and build a relationship with your target market.

The results are in.. and according to a recent inbound marketing report, nearly 80% of companies reported that they acquired new customers as a result of their blogging efforts.

And 82% of companies believe that blogging is a major asset to their business. Let’s break it down a little further.


Search engines love fresh, original and relevant content. By providing consistent blog entries, you are providing search engines with something to index. Not only this, but you are creating additional pages and URL’s thus giving you a bigger digital footprint making it easier for people to find you.

Blogging is quick and easy to do. The only resource you need is your time and you can begin to grow your business’s digital footprint!

Cheeky Keller tip: Create blog posts that answer your target markets questions or entice them with value… Why is blogging important for your business? 4 ways to create content that goes viral etc.


By providing valuable content that genuinely helps people you will not only be memorable, but your customers will remember you as an industry leader and a knowledgeable business. No matter how small your business is, blogging can be the tool that boosts your credibility and positions your business nicely.


Blogging gives you the power to chat with your customers directly. This means you have the opportunity to create and nurture relationships. Even if these customers don’t need your service right now, when the time comes that they do, you will have already won them over or will at least be a contender! Cheeky Keller tip: Genuinely aim to help people and solve their problems. Don’t be concerned with sharing your ‘secrets’, knowledge or expertise with other people… provide for the people and they will provide for you!


A powerful feature of blogging is the opportunity it creates for other people to share the link to your blog! This unlocks huge potential for significant market growth. If your blog visitor finds it useful, they have the power to share it with their networks through emails, social media, their own blog… the list goes on! This is a classic case of making the customer a marketer. The bottom line is that blogging is a very inexpensive tool that can have powerful benefits! Yes it does require consistency, but the time spent creating a blog platform is tried and tested to be that of a worthy quest! If you want more information or advice on blogging, marketing strategies – or if you are bored at work and just want to chew the fat for bit, feel free to book in for our free 30 minute strategy call!

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